Press Release from the CEO, Nick Kondoori:

The day we all at GBIT (parent company of ULAFIX) have been waiting for is finally here- Launch Day of our App to the end-users. I’m  very confident that the App will bring a lot of ease and value to all the vehicle owners.

I have been a car owner since 21 years and whenever I needed a regular oil change or special service, I had to manually call different places to check on availability and compare pricing. In this times of technological glory, the hassle is still same but for few companies have enabled online booking. So ULAFIX is born. Our aim is to make UALFIX “FULLY AUTOMATED VEHICLE CARE APP” that means truly automate using latest technological advancements like IOT (Internet of Things).

As of now, based on phone’s Geo-Location ULAFIX will find the service providers around and send request. Providers send estimates and customer gets to choose the best, job is automatically scheduled – all on the phone.  I’m confident Every Car owner (and later on other vehicles) will download, use ULAFIX and are going to Love the service we provide.