About Us

ULAFIX is the idea of Nick (Nagesh) Kondoori, CEO that came to him when he was trying to get his car serviced and trying to find a service station. Nick acquired Green Bird Media in 2010 just to learn all about web and app technology and while managing started to put together ideas and sharpening them as they come along.

The basic question that might crop in anyone's mind when they need to care for their car is, is there anyone who can just take care of my car? for anything and everything it needs? is there an integrated service that brings all services that a car needs under one roof? May be there are. But can that service shop for you, go around to different providers, bring you estimate and let you choose the best one you like? NO! Wait YES, YES!! that is what ULAFIX is all about.

"Get estimates from ALL service providers in the area for an Automobile care service".

Green Bird IT Services was formed in 2013 and full operations began in Jan 2015 and since then ULAFIX started to shape its wings and get ready to fly. Green Bird IT is "where your ideas take flight".


The Team of Green Bird IT is of highly qualified and experienced professionals. A thorough screening process is in place to ensure the best of talent is hired and most importantly who can stand by the company’s GOALs. The team currently comprise of programmers, designers, themers, Digital Marketing experts.






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